Invisible-In-Canal Hearing Aid

The new Invisibel hearing aid fits inside your ear canal, so it’s completely invisible*.

Now the only way anybody will know you're wearing a hearing aid is if you tell them. The new Invisibel is 100% invisible, 100% digital and 100% programmable with all the most advanced hearing aid features.

  • Engineered for clear phone conversations
  • Enjoy virtually no annoying whistling or buzzing
  • Enjoy comfortable, customized fit
  • Designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health

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  1. Invisible-In-The-Canal

    The only 100% custom, invisible, digital and fully programmable hearing aid

  2. WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation³

    Virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling

  3. Active Noise Control²

    Designed to maintain speech understanding in noise and reduce
    listening effort **

    ** Sarampalis, A., Kalluri, S., Edwards, B., Hafter, E. (2009, October) Objective measures of listening effort: Effects of background noise and noise reduction. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52, 1230-1240.

  4. T² Remote Control

    Lets you adjust memory or volume settings using any touch-tone phone

  5. Active Frequency Control

    Replicates hard-to-hear high frequency sounds in lower frequencies, designed to enhance and expand audibility

  6. ISO Compression

    Sound compression technology designed to differentiate soft speech from loud, for a more natural sound quality.

* Individual results may vary. Invisibility may vary based on your ear's anatomy.