Anthem™ Bronze

Designed for one-on-one conversations, providing good performance in environments with minimal background noise.

  1. WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation

    Industry-leading feedback cancellation system that virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling

  2. T² Remote

    First-ever technology that discreetly and simply adjusts your hearing instrument's memory or volume using any touch-tone phone without additional hardware

  3. Standard Environmental Noise Classification

    Noise management and environmental adaptation system specifically designed to help you understand more speech in noisy situations

  4. Superior Speech Locator

    Chances are in quiet environments you can hear the voices in front of you, but have trouble in noisier surroundings. Anthem's Superior Speech Locator filters out unwanted background noise to significantly improve your understanding of speech

  5. Advanced HydraShield®

    Thanks to AudioSync's proprietary Advanced HydraShield technology, your Anthem hearing aids are impervious to water, humidity, sweat, rust and corrosion

  6. EZ Touch™

    First-ever behind-the-ear hearing aid with touch control, so volume and memory adjustments can be made with a simple touch of your finger

  7. Intuitive Features

    Indicators are designed to make it easy to use your hearing instrument

  8. Automatic Telephone Response

    Your hearing instruments will automatically know when you're on the phone and adjust settings for optimal telephone listening

  9. Television Processing

    This special memory capability allows your hearing instruments to automatically adjust to the preset TV listening settings most comfortable for you